Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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Boghall Road

Estates and Roads

Boghall Road

The Boghall Road is approximately 1 mile long. There are factories, houses and shops all along the road. There are great views of little Sugar Loaf and Bray Head. There is a shopping centre at one end of the Boghall Road and a vacant factory A.O. Smiths which closed about 3 or 4 years ago and at the other end is another vacant factory Dell which is closed even longer. The Bray Court House used to be on the Boghall Road but moved down to the Main Street in recent years.

Ard Na Gréine

Ashfield Court

Avoca Avenue

Beechwood Close

Bentley Park

Cherry Tree Drive


In Deerpark there are about 60 houses. In Deerpark estate there are 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom houses. The estate was built about twenty-five years ago. There are a lot more houses built around Deerpark.

Giltspur Brook

Giltspur Brook is an estate on the Boghall Road. You have to drive or walk through Wheatfield to get to the estate. There are 97 houses in Giltspur Brook. The River Swan flows through the estate around trees and green areas. There are plenty of green areas for children to play sports or any other activities. The houses are terraced, detached and semi-detached. The houses were built about 10 years ago. Oldcourt Castle is beside Giltspur Brook.

Glen Na Smole

Glen na Smole is a small estate on the Boghall Road. There is 1 detached house and 8 semi detached houses in Glen na Smole. The houses look the same apart from the colour of them. The houses were built between 1976 and 1977. Before the houses were built the land was just bogs and fields. During the summer of 2009, there was a flood on the Boghall Road and it flooded a lot of estates, including Glen na Smole. The River Swan burst its banks, and Wheatfield and Glen na Smole were badly flooded. Because of this, trees were taken down, the ground raised and a fence put up and now the River Swan can be seen from Glen na Smole. There are no green areas to play sports or any other activities, because it's such a small estate. There is a local shop close by and it's on the bus route to Dublin.


Mountainview Drive

Oldcourt Estate

Oldcourt Grove

Oldcourt Park

Pinewood Close

Roselawn Drive

Schools Road

Scott Park

These houses were built in the 1950's.


Wheatfield is an estate on the Boghall Road. It has around 150 houses. Most of them are terrace but some are semi-detached and detached. There is a river flowing through the estate that attracts a lot of wildlife such as birds, ducks, squirrels, frogs and fish. The houses were built in 1985. Before the houses were built the land was owned by Lord Meath. It was just fields and bogs. Some people use to rent the land to graze their cattle. There is a local shop at the start of the estate. There is also a bus stop that brings you to the Dart Station and to the main street in Bray.


Woodbrook Lawn

Woodbrook lawn is on the Boghall Road. The estate is close to Glen Na Smole and Wheatfield. All of the houses are two stories and are all terraced. There are approximately 100 houses in Woodbrook Lawn. The houses were built in 1972. There are two green areas to play on. One of the greens was called Barneys Field which children now play sports and other activities on. There is a local shop about two minutes walk away. Woodbrook Lawn like all the other estates on the Boghall Road is on the bus route to the town and the Dart Station.

Würzburg Road

Würzburg Road was named in honour of the 10-year anniversary of Bray's twinning with Würzburg in 2009.

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