Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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Church Road

Estates and Roads


Churchlands is a very small estate located on Church road. It only has about 14 houses in the estate. It has a lovely green area right outside the houses to play on and a huge church right beside the estate. The name of the church is Christchurch. There are also lovely trees and bushes around the Churchlands area. It has a walkway into the nearby estate Charnwood. There is a gate leading into another field in Churchlands but you are not allowed to enter this field because it is military property. Before it was military property it was owned by a man who kept horses and he use to let them into the field and you could feed them. Charnwood is not the only estate nearby. Ryecroft is also down the road from Churchlands. The houses in Churchlands are terraced. All of the houses have very small front gardens.


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