Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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Churches in Bray

History of Bray

Roman Catholic

Holy Redeemer, Main Street

The Church of the Most Holy Redeemer is the largest Church in Bray. The records in the church date back to February 1792. It is just off the Main Street. The church is recessed behind most of the building on the Main Street, and was hidden from view by other buildings early in it's life.

The Church had a major facelift during the early part of the 1960's.

Queen of Peace, Putland Road

The Queen of Peace is situated at the junction of the Putland Road and the Vevay Road. It was built in 1946 by T & J Macken of St Patrick’s Street, Dun Laoghaire, with many local people employed on the construction. The land was donated by the Presentation Brothers who were running Presentation College Bray.

In 1993, the Parish Centre called Villa Pacis ("Home of Peace" in Latin) was built.

The parish of Queen of Peace is twinned with the parish of Bugisi in Tanzania.

St. Fergal's, Ballywaltrim

St. Peter's, Little Bray


Christchurch, Church Road

St Paul's, Church Lane

There is no hard evidence that there was a village in Bray before the coming of the Anglo-Normans, but it seems likely that a settlement grew up around the ford on the river near the church of Derdach which later became St. Paul's. The modern church is thought to have been built in 1609, and became a chapel of ease in 1863 on the consecration of Christ Church. It closed in 1973. The building is now used for the manufacture of church organs.


Methodist Church, Florence Road

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