Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

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Vevay Road

Estates and Roads

Briar Wood


Charnwood is a large housing estate located on the Vevay Rd. It also has 7 roads, 4 green areas, a forest and two small car parks. If you visit the estate probably the most memorable thing from the estate would be the massive tree on the largest green area which you see as soon as you walk into the estate. There is also a footpath that brings you straight into Churchlands a nearby estate. Most of the houses are semi-detached. They have 3 bedrooms and a front and back garden. There are also some houses in the forest, but they are not part of Charnwood. It is handy for the residents there because Tesco shopping centre is right outside. Charnwood in the Irish language is Choill Cairn.

Fr. Colahan Terrace

Glendale Drive

Loreto Grange

Loreto Grange is an estate located on the Vevay Road. All the houses in the estate are terrace houses. The estate is on a slope and it has a roundabout at the end of the estate there is no green area in the estate and the houses were built in the 1990's.

O'Byrne Road

O'Byrne Road was built in the 1930s. O'Byrne is the English form of Ó Broin. The O'Byrnes and the O'Tooles are two of the most famous Wicklow Clans, and they fought for Ireland a long time ago. The houses were built in rows of 8. It is not like Sugarloaf Crescent because they had to make their own driveways although not all of them did. It is beside the Vevay Road and Wolfe Tone Square.

Sans Souci

Sans Souci Wood is an estate on the Vevay Road. The estate has about fifty five houses, most of which have 3 bedrooms. As you come into the estate there are trees on both sides as well as plants. The name of the estate is French; "Sans Souci" means "without worry". The houses are semi-detached and there is a green area in the estate. The estate is now ten years old.


Sugarloaf Crescent

Sugarloaf Crescent is a reasonably large estate off the Vevay Road. There are approximately 160 houses in terraced rows of 4 or semi-detached houses. Most of the houses have three bedrooms. Each house had a driveway that you can park your car in. The estate is named after the Sugarloaf Mountain. You can see it from many of the houses in the estate. You can also see Bray Head and the cross from Sugarloaf Crescent. The houses were built in the 1970s. When you go to Sugarloaf Crescent you must pass through O'Byrne Road.

Vevay Crescent

Vevay Crescent is a new estate beside St. Cronan's. There is a magnificent view of the Irish Sea from the estate. The houses are mostly semi-detached and overlook the school grounds.

Wolfe Tone Square

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